Interview with Florian Hanslauer


Filling forty different container types with one machine

Brenntag CEE GmbH is part of the world´s biggest distributor and has just placed a filling machine order with Wick machinery. Florian Hanslauer speaks in an interview about the requirements that Brenntag had for the filling system.

How did Brenntag come to Wick machinery?

We are already operating two Wick machines at our Head Office site, which we purchased before I became factory manager. In this respect, the filling system, which is currently on order, is our first project in which Wick machinery clearly outclassed its international competitors in a large tender.

What do the machines fill?

We fill liquids from automative and swimming pool industry, as well as household cleaners. We work with combustible liquids and those with ph values of 2 to 13.

Why did you choose Wick machinery?

On one hand things clicked on a personal level and on the other hand the proximity is important to us for this project - but the crucial point was the price-performance- ratio.

Have you had any special requirements?

We have some forty different packages in different sizes with different lids that we need to fill. For this reason, we wanted one all-round machine and not series of machines.

How important is a comprehensive service to you?

During season times from August to April we work in 24h shifts at our plant at Berg. This means we need help very quickly if failures or other problems occur. This works very well with Wick machinery.