Interview with Mag. Hanspeter Kranabitl

Hospital pharmacy of LKH Bad Ischl

The cook for those who cannot eat

Magister Hans-Peter Kranabitlis head of the chemist at LKH Bad Ischl. With his team, he produces under the strict requirements of pharmaceutical manufactures injection and infusion solvents: amongst other things, such sensitive products as parental nutrient solutions for children, with which the gastrointestinal tract is circumvented with an artificial diet. He is the cook for those who cannot eat due to sickness. And he produces in his laboratory in LKH Bad Ischl small batches of solvents, in which other manufacturers have no interest. These infusion and injection solvents he then fills on a Wick machinery system. In an interview, he speaks about the service demand of the machine and why he chose Wick machinery.

What is the exceptional thing about the products which you fill?

We produce infusion and injection solvents, which are no longer produced by the industry for purely economic reasons, but for which there is still demand.

You are regarded as extremely flexible and quick at the market. How do you manage to stand out amongst the competition so clearly?

Ultimately, these are no innovations we are working on. We can fall back on data of the original manufacturers. If a customer voices the wish to slightly change the recipe, this is not a problem for the small batches, which we produce.

What requirements must the filling machine fulfill in this delicate area?

The exact requirements ca be found in a 200-page GMP guideline - which would be to much to discuss it here - but you can imagine - there are a lot of points taken into account.

Why did you choose a system by Wick machinery?

It was a good feeling. Wick Senior electrified me with his enthusiasm for mechanical engineering, and Andreas Wick continues this with his customer orientation and his understanding of service.

A colleague decided to go for a product of a renowned competitor in the market at the same time as me, and ist soon became clear in direct comparison that we had made the right choice. We got the better service, were supported more prefessionally, had fewer problems and even paid less.

What is the service of Wick machinery like today and who maintains the system?

The effort to maintain the system is minimal. Only two things must be lubricated regularly - that is absolutely no effort and we do it by ourselves.

If a problem occurs, we enjoy the full support on the phone to having service employees on site immediately, when something really does need to be repaired.