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As a family business, we pay special attention to the needs of our Small Business customers – providing professional assistance on your journey to success – bringing our special WICK expertise to bear.

WICK. Small Business

Small Businesses growing with the market

We work to increase the competitive advantage of small businesses. We do it out of conviction since professionalism is a company’s hallmark of quality, both internally and in relation to its customers.

It also provides the basis for market conquest and we at WICK machinery are with you all the way! Your needs are our goals and your requirements are the basis for our support.

By analyzing your project at all levels, we seek to find the best technical options for you. By partnering with WICK machinery, you’ll find you have made the right choice for effective consulting, decision making support, commissioning and operator guidance as well as after sales support.

The right kind of machine

Wick WF1
Wick WF1

Simple, compact and self-explanatory: the WF1 is your choice unit.

Its small size, compact design and ease of use make it the unit of choice for many WICK customers. The only contact points with the product are the fill hose and filling needle, thus preventing possible contamination.

The WF1’s stainless steel parts are easy to clean and are versatile, thanks to the clear instructions shown on the operator displays. If required, the contact parts may also be supplied as single use components.