Pharmaceutical Industry

WICK. Pharmaceutical Industry - When accuracy is essential

The standards are extremely high and everything has to work perfectly. Total safety is achieved through transparent production at every stage.

WICK. Pharmaceutical Industry
Assembly of an infusion bag filling and closing machine in the Royal Free Hospital, London, UK

Everything must work perfectly.

The pharmaceutical industry has strict regulations. WICK machinery operates according to precise specifications, meeting the highest accuracy, cleanliness and sterile filling standards. Manufacturing through to filling is transparent and manageable to the operator.

This is accomplished through a set of well-organized procedures. Every stage is documented and the entire system is GMP (or FDA) compliant.

Our success speaks for itself: WICK machinery fills and closes products for leading international brands, well known companies as well as local businesses. All rely on WICK equipment.

So can you!

For maximum filling precision

Wick Machinery BTA
Abfüllung von Infusionsbeuteln - BTA

The filling of infusion bags is subject to the highest precision, as provided by the BTA.

The internal controls must comply with the stringent prescriptions of the external quality guidelines such as those laid down by the GMP. This means end-user safety and each bag is subjected to individual pressure testing. Filling occurs via a mass flow meter with automatic recalibration after each cycle in closed circuits.

The 100% in-process control ensures that only properly filled, leak-tested infusion bags are dispatched from the plant.